​August 23 - 25, 2019

​Location TBA

​​Exhibition, Education & Entertainment

​Acoustic Music & the Guitar

Music is unparalleled in its impact across civilization; it is infinite and evolving across time, place, religion and culture. It is the door to our souls, the balm for our spirit, an inspiration to feel deeply, our common language, and the heart of community.

​The humble guitar is known for its enormous musical versatility across all cultures and genres. It has been the voice of people to tell their stories, attainable to anyone regardless of wealth or social status.

"The guitar is a whole lot more than a guitar...
there's a whole attitude towards life wrapped up in it"
(Charles Fox)

"Acoustic music is the timeless sound of natural breathing and resonating materials - wood, bone, gourd, gut and skin - which predates the spoken language and modern culture, crossing all borders and barriers, speaking to great universal themes of very personal, yet familiar stories and relating a narrative using a natural resonating sound. 

Those stories keep legacies alive, allow them to be shared, and create new ones going forward."

"The guitar can truly change the world...we've seen that in ministry and education;
it has affected international borders. It's a very dangerous tool." 
(Richard Hoover, with a smile)

​​Exhibition: Artisanal Lutherie ​Show

The building of musical instruments by hand, primarily from wood – lutherie – is a singularly complex achievement of human culture. It is an alchemy of history, tradition & innovation; craft & sculpture; acoustics, physics & engineering; labor, passion & countless years of experience.  

The first note of an instrument is an unforgettable, enriching and fulfilling experience for the maker, and opens up a whole new world for the player.  The perfect instrument is a joy to see, hold, play and hear. Its creation is the beginning of an ever-growing journey which is a living extension of each luthier and player, reaching out and connecting all of us through music.

Luthiers spend many hours alone toiling in their workshops to create magical works of music and art; this is one of their chances to get out and share with friends & community.

"Doing work that one cares about, and doing it with one's hands, is a basic human  need.  In a contemporary world in which hand skills are increasingly abandoned, the work as seen at the Celebration connects us to traditions that helped our forebears to have more meaningful lives, and is important beyond words." 
(Ervin Somogyi)

The Celebration is a unique opportunity to meet world-renowned as well as up and coming luthiers, appreciate their instrument's full voice in person, and to audition & purchase a wide range of styles and price points at this three day long exhibit.

​Vendors ​demonstrate & sell ​​​​hard-to-find player accessories, amps & peripherals, inlay materials, stands & cases, tonewoods and other materials and supplies ​not found at your local stores.

"It’s one the most beautiful experiences I know. Someone has spent a lifetime learning how to get the most beautiful sound possible out of an instrument that someone else has spent a lifetime learning how to build those sounds into…and we come together to play what a similar human has done with writing music. And finally, the whole thing merges when fellow music lovers come to hear and see it all. Many good things happen in this life, but none better than this."
(Michael Chapdelaine)

​​Education: Seminars, Player Workshops ​& Master Classes

Learn how the most famous luthiers in the world think by attending free Seminars.

Improve your chops at player workshops and master classes by professional musicians covering ​all genres and skill levels.

"The Celebration was one of the all around most meaningful and entertaining experiences I have ever had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart..." (SBAIC'16 attendee)

​Entertainment: ​​MusicArts Festival

​There are many wonderful musical traditions; each is specific to the region, climate, history and local materials​ of the luthier. ​​The ​concurrent ​MusicArts Festival (www.MusicArtsFestival.com) will​ continue in the late afternoons and evenings with wine tasting, dinner clubs and ​​a multitude of musicians playing all around town, and major headliners Thursday through Saturday nights​ bringing you music from around the world.

The Celebration features fine instruments, art, food, wine and music at a classic casual California resort. Join us with old and new friends for fun, relaxation and inspiration, helping to keep the Heritage alive and growing.

Tickets on Sale January 1, 2019

Celebration photos by Duane Moles

​Japanese Inlay by Harvey Leach

Background ​image: Benedetto Guitars